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Three Options for Staying Hydrated in the Heat

As the weather gets warmer, staying hydrated should be a top priority. While water is the preferred method for staying hydrated in the heat for many people, it is not the only option. If you or your kids do not like drinking straight water, or if you want to add some variety to your hydration routine, consider implementing some tasty alternatives.


Watermelon is over 90 percent...

Sports Drinks: Are They Good for You?


Due to the millions of dollars spent on advertising each year, the general population often has the misconception that sport drinks are healthy. Because of this, many people think that sports drinks are a healthy alternative and are needed to help re-hydrate and re-energize. What people are often not aware of is that sports drinks are often not needed and, in general, not good for you.


Hydration Hints for the Heat of Summer

Water makes up more than 60% of the average adult’s body weight. Most of this is in the cells, blood and around organs. Staying hydrated means keeping the right amount of water in your body so it functions properly. 

In warmer weather you sweat more, and you can lose 1-2% of your total water content by the time you feel thirsty. Signs and symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth and eyes,...

What You Need to Know About Ticks, Mosquitoes and Bug Bite Prevention

Ticks and mosquitos are more than just a nuisance; bites from these and other insects can transmit diseases such as Lyme Disease and Zika Virus that pose a threat to human health. When enjoying outdoor activities there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from tick, mosquitos, and other biting bugs.

Use Insect Repellent: 
Apply insect repellent every time you venture...

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