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Before you leave the country, don’t forget about your immunizations. We’re ready and able to meet your travel-based needs, from consultation to preventative care to illness treatment upon return. We’ll let you know which immunizations are required and recommended depending on your destination.

It gets better – most of our patients with international traveling needs are able to receive their needed immunizations and prescriptions right here in the clinic on their first visit. Plus, our experienced physicians go beyond just administering medications – we want you to have a happy, healthy experience abroad, so we advise you of basic travel health guidelines, including eating, drinking and known diseases.

The cost of a pre-travel consultation can vary, depending on the cost of the vaccinations that may be required. The recommended vaccines depend on a variety of factors: the destination, the duration of the trip, the season, the activities in which the traveler will be participating, prior vaccinations received, and the traveler’s individual preference and risk tolerance. That said, this provides a rough guide for the estimated cost of vaccinations prior to travel, assuming that you are up-to-date on the current vaccinations recommended within the US. The follow general description can help you determine your risk level.

The following table gives a rough estimate for the total cost of vaccinations if you were to pay for all of them at your own cost (without insurance coverage). Once again, this cost may vary based on your previous vaccination history, where and when you are traveling, and what you will be doing. Your doctor will clarify your recommended vaccinations at your personalized pre-travel consultation.


Fast Facts:

  • Most patients receive immunizations or prescriptions as early as their first visit
  • We’ll clue you into travel health guidelines on food, water and insects
  • We’ll also fill you in on local health and disease risks for your destination

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