The one health clinic sponsored by both Avera and Sanford

Our area’s two biggest health systems sponsor the Center for Family Medicine to provide the best learning environment for new physicians while also providing area families a great choice for their care.

Since we work with both Avera and Sanford, we are considered in-network for both of their insurance plans, and most others as well. We can also refer patients to either hospital or specialist and carry privileges for Avera and Sanford.

At Center For family Medicine, we prove the value of teamwork, with hospitals, health systems and our patients, every day.

The Sioux Falls Family Medicine Residency program is affiliated with the Sanford School of Medicine USD. Our entire faculty carries professor appointments from the medical school. This does not mean that all of our residents attended Sanford School of Medicine, but all of them have become accustomed to working closely with medical students and showcasing all that family medicine has to offer.