Vaping: An Unhealthy Alternative to Cigarettes

Woman in pink shirt coughing while smoking a vape

An Unhealthy Alternative to Cigarettes

E-cigarettes were introduced in the US marketplace in 2007 and they quickly gained popularity among those looking for a safer, healthier alternative to traditional smoking. Since 2014, e-cigarettes and vaping products have been the most commonly used tobacco product among today’s youth. There are many kid-friendly flavors marketed as an appeal to young people. Unfortunately vaping is, in fact, not a safer or healthier alternative to cigarette use. Prolonged use of vape products can lead to serious health issues, some that arise quickly and others that come to light in the future.


The Dangers of Vaping

Tobacco products, such as cigarettes, other tobacco and nicotine products carry heavy risks to one’s health and well-being.  Vapes and e-cigarettes contain nicotine much like traditional tobacco products. We know that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and it is reported by the CDC that youth who vape may be more likely to try cigarettes in the future.

Aside from the known addictiveness of nicotine in these products, vaping carries other risks to a person’s health. Vaping has been linked to an increased risk of lung cancer and other lung ailments, such as asthma, COPD and chronic lung disease. While vapes may seem safer as you are not inhaling burned chemicals from the product, you are still inhaling a variety of aerosol chemicals directly into your lungs. Carcinogenic substances such as acrylamide and propylene oxide have been found in vapes, particularly in highly flavored vapes—the fun flavors of vapes that often draw young people to begin vaping. 


How To Stop Vaping

Much like quitting cigarettes, the process of quitting vaping can be difficult as the body has become addicted to nicotine. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make the process easier. For youth who want to stop vaping we highly recommend seeking the help of a trusted parent or guardian. Consulting a parent or guardian will allow you to get the best possible help you need from trusted professionals like those at the Center for Family Medicine. A licensed provider will work with you, and your parent, to create a plan to wean you off vape products and prevent any further damage to your health. Healthy families start at Center for Family Medicine. Contact us today to start or improve your health journey.