Three Options for Staying Hydrated in the Heat

three options for staying hydrated in the heat: Center for Family Medicine

As the weather gets warmer, staying hydrated should be a top priority. While water is the preferred method for staying hydrated in the heat for many people, it is not the only option. If you or your kids do not like drinking straight water, or if you want to add some variety to your hydration routine, consider implementing some tasty alternatives.


Watermelon is over 90 percent water, making it a great hydration option. It can be cut into slices and eaten. It can be blended up and made into a smoothie. You can cut it up and make either a fruit salad or fruit kabobs. This works excellent for staying hydrated since many other fruits also have a lot of water in them. Watermelon can also be blended up and made into popsicles, either on its own or with other fruits. It can be added to an assortment of other recipes and can even be pureed, frozen in ice cube trays, and put in your water or another beverage.


Cucumbers and other watery vegetables, such as iceberg lettuce, are another alternative to water when it comes to hydration. This makes salads a good option for keeping hydrated when it is hot outside. Cucumbers also work great for blending into smoothies or for eating on their own.


Milk is another great way to stay hydrated. Some studies even argue that milk keeps people hydrated better than water and most other beverages. Just be sure to keep your milk properly stored in your refrigerator rather than sitting out on the counter.  

One key to staying hydrated, especially during hot weather is to not wait until you start to feel dehydrated before rehydrating yourself. If you need a reminder to stay hydrated, set a timer, and eat or drink something hydrating when the timer goes off. Of course, these are just a few ways you can keep hydrated during the hot summer weather. We encourage you to find hydrating foods and drinks to enjoy this summer.