The Importance of Annual Exams for Your Overall Health

Yearly physical exams are one of the best ways to maintain your health and happiness. Our bodies are like a very complicated machine and they must be well maintained in order to keep them in the best possible condition. Like a machine, one component can wear down or fail without causing too much trouble but, if that part is left untreated, bigger problems can develop. Your physician can detect these small problems during your yearly physical and help you fix them before they get worse. 



What to Expect During a Yearly Physical

Simply put a yearly physical exam is an evaluation of your overall health from head to toe.  They often last 30-60 minutes but can last longer for some individuals. Your physician will measure vital signs including heart rate, blood pressure, etc. They will listen to your lungs and observe your body to discover any unusual lesions, bumps, or dermatologic issues.  Additionally, a physical typically involves drawing blood and collecting a urine sample to screen for certain diseases and conditions.

Why You Should Schedule a Yearly Physical

There are multiple reasons why you should not skip your yearly physical, including: 

Establish a Relationship
An annual visit to your doctor helps you establish a relationship helping them know you better which will improve their ability to care for you. Of course, physicians work hard to treat every
patient but you can help them by seeing them on a regular basis. 

Detect Illness and Disease Early
There are multiple diseases that can be both deadly or debilitating but can be treated very effectively if they are found quickly after their onset. According to the Canary Foundation, chances of survival after a cancer diagnosis greatly improves if it is detected early. As the cancer spreads, the chance for recovery greatly decreases. 

Cancer is not unique in this principle, there is no disadvantage to detecting any disease early on and early detection is key to fighting any disease. 

The Importance of Your Yearly Exam

Taking care of yourself is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and your family. Scheduling a yearly exam will not only help to detect disease and improve overall health, it will also give you and your family peace of mind. Contact us today to get your exam scheduled!