The Importance of an Annual Physical Exam

Regardless of your age, gender, or lifestyle habits, an annual physical exam is a crucial part of your overall health. By visiting your primary care doctor yearly, they will be able to provide preventative care which is one of the best ways to treat a variety of health issues before they become a problem. Some people may think it’s not necessary to visit a doctor unless they’re sick, however, this is far from the truth. Doctors can provide us with a wealth of knowledge and help keep our health on the right path. Tracking your health goals with your doctor will help ensure you live a long and prosperous life.

Let’s take a look at some key reasons why physical yearly exams are so important:

Prevents Health Problems

Out of every reason, this is the most important one. By seeing your doctor each and every year, you’re ensuring your goal of being as healthy as possible remains a reality. Your physician can recommend diet and fitness choices to better yourself, identify risk factors that could lead to issues, and give you professional advice on how to implement these changes into your life. Your doctor is on your side and is a valuable asset in maintaining your health.

Updates Vaccinations

Vaccinations aren’t only for kids, adults need them too. Staying up-to-date on all of your vaccinations is important to prevent unwanted diseases.

Helps Your Finances

By detecting problems sooner rather than later, you’ll save money on potentially extravagant medical bills and by not having to take time off work.

Strengthens Doctor/Patient Relationship

If you get along well with your doctor, you’ll be more willing to schedule annual check-ups, be 100% honest, and follow through with their expert advice.

Establishes History

Creating a yearly history of physicals will give you a solid baseline which will eventually help your doctor make better healthcare decisions on your behalf. Having a complete medical history that’s readily available will greatly benefit you if you’re ever in an emergency situation.

Cancer Screenings

Along with preventative care, routine cancer screenings (based on your age and risk factors) can help detect cancer when it’s in its earliest stages. The early stages of cancer are when it’s the most treatable.

Review Prescriptions

Reviewing old/new medications or over-the-counter medications you consume regularly will ensure you’re taking the right combinations of pills to best help you. This will also prevent any unwanted side effects or negative interactions with other drugs.

Getting a yearly physical gives you the power to focus on your overall health in a preventative way. Your doctor will take the time to learn more about your lifestyle as well as address any issues or treatment plans to help you reach your health goals.

Do yourself a favor and schedule your next annual physical, it could end up being the best thing you do all year.