Stay Active, Stay Young!

Did you know that regular exercise can slow the aging process? September is National Healthy Aging Month and there is no better time for seniors to re-evaluate their activity levels and make a positive change. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

The medical community has long reported the benefits of exercise for adults and children of all ages. As we age, the importance of staying active only increases as our metabolisms begin to slow and our muscles begin to lose their mass. With an active lifestyle and regular exercise we can slow the aging process and keep our minds and bodies healthy for longer. So what exactly can seniors do to stay active?  


Endurance Exercise

To prevent our metabolisms from slowing down, it is important to engage in cardio exercise at least three days per week. Great examples of endurance exercises include cycling, jogging and walking. If your joints are more sensitive, swimming is a great low-impact cardio exercise to practice. 30-60 minutes of endurance exercise will keep your lungs, heart and metabolism in healthy shape.

Strength Training

To counter any potential loss of muscle mass, seniors can build muscle with weight lifting. Regular strength training keeps muscles active and engaged, while also supporting bone health. The Mayo Clinic recommends hitting each of the major muscles groups (arm, chest, back and legs) with 10-15 reps at least two times per week. With a simple 30 minute routine you will be on your way to healthier muscles, bones and joints.

Get Outside

Exercising outdoors has the dual benefit of boosting both physical and mental health. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of outdoor activity each day can reduce symptoms of depression and increase sense of self-worth in seniors. A daily morning or evening walk is a great low-impact exercise that has proven benefits for both your body and your mind. Find a walking buddy or park near your home and make it part of your daily routine to start feeling the benefits immediately.

As we age, maintaining an active lifestyle is more important than ever. So get out there and celebrate the health of your body and mind!