National Women’s Health Week: What to Know

A woman on a walking/running trail getting her exercise.

National Women’s Health Week is May 12th through the 18th. Women’s health is something to be focused on, especially as women often neglect their own wellbeing, choosing instead to sacrifice and care for their loved ones and/or focus on their career. With so many things to think about—such as family duties, career obligations and other responsibilities—women sometimes put their own health on the back burner. That said, it’s vital to take a week to acknowledge how important it is for women to put their health first.

What Is National Women’s Health Week?

Each year, National Women’s Health Week is celebrated the week following Mother’s Day. The week is meant to encourage women to engage in preventative care measures, get mental health care and participate in other measures that will improve their health. has a fact sheet with further information. 

How Can Women Take Care of Their Physical Health?

Whether you’re a woman yourself or you have women you care about in your life, know that all women should be seeing a primary care physician each year. In addition, women should be participating in regular cancer screenings—PAP smears to detect cervical cancer, skin cancer checks and mammograms to detect breast cancer, for example. Women should also maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating balanced meals.

What Can Women Do to Care for Their Mental Health?

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Depression and anxiety are incredibly common in women, so if you are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless, let your primary care provider know. They can give you resources about mental health counseling. Also, for women who have children, postpartum anxiety and depression are other issues that can be managed with the help of mental health professionals.

This May, take a moment to help us spread the word about National Women’s Health Week. At Center for Family Medicine, we value high-quality care for all patients. Schedule a visit today.