Four Tips to Make Visitors Less Stressful as a New Mom

When you have a new baby, everyone is going to want to visit and right away! As overwhelming as the first few weeks are, everyone coming and going can make it even harder.
Don’t despair because there are ways to make visitors less stressful in the first few weeks (and months)!

Here are some tips to make visitors less stressful as a new parents.

Try to organize visitors so that they are spread out. 
Not everyone needs to see the baby in the first week or even month.
Ask people to schedule visits so that you can spread them out, keeping from you and your baby from getting overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid to cancel a visit if you are not feeling up to it. 
You are not going to enjoy the visit if you feel really sore or sick to your stomach.
Don’t feel bad for your visitors. Even though they will spend most of the time fawning over the new baby, they also are there to check on you too!

If someone is outstaying their welcome, it is fine for you to tell them to leave. 
Having a baby is exhausting. Bring on the nonstop visitors and it gets even worse.
There is nothing wrong with telling your family and friends that the baby needs a nap and so do you! Hopefully they will get the hint.

Don’t be afraid to meet people elsewhere
People who will come and overstay their welcome should not come to your house or you won’t be able to get rid of them.
Instead, meet them at their place, the park, or a coffee shop. This way, when you are done, you can just leave.

As much as you want to show off your new baby, too many visitors can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to schedule visitors or even cancel if you are not feeling well.
You also shouldn’t feel bad if you need to kick visitors out who overstay their welcome.