Children’s Use of Technology in the New Age

Being born to a society that has a major device addiction makes children more vulnerable to get trapped under this form of abuse.

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), children younger than 18 months should have no screen time, while older children should be limited to about 1-2 hours.

Unfortunately, a study conducted by Connected Kids revealed that children spend more than six hours using computers, tablets, phones, and TVs. This should be a concern to parents because living a sedentary life without any physical activity can have negative effects on children’s physical, emotional, and social health. 

A solution to prevent device addiction at an early age is by constantly being on watch to make sure the children don’t exceed the time recommended by AAP. If a child is already addicted and gives parents a hard time, it would be wise to distract the child by involving them in sports, arts & crafts, or family games. 

Introducing new habits or activities require caregivers to give their full support to their children, especially if the child is having a hard time adapting to new changes. The intention is not to overwhelm them, but to remind them that the real world can be as good as the virtual one.

One of the ways children can get active is by encouraging them to join sports clubs. The benefit of sports is that the children are taught important values such as working with a team and allows them to practice their social skills. Additionally, the fact that there is a variety of sports allows children to decide which one they feel more comfortable in.

Another way to engage children in physical activity is by parents inviting them to exercise with them. Walking or jogging is a great way to introduce them to exercise and even healthy eating habits. Not only will parents be able to supervise their children, but it’s also a way for both to strengthen their relationship with each other.

Our society makes it nearly impossible to live without any form of technology. It has also led many of us live an inactive life, damaging our short-term and long-term health. Nevertheless, with a few adjustments we can improve our health and children’s health by reducing screen time and increasing play time.