Active Ways for Seniors to be Outdoors after Winter

Planning Activities

Seniors can enjoy spring exercise with a little planning. This also allows for anticipation which is always fun. Speak with your doctor before beginning any exercise program. If the doctor approves, seniors may begin with stretching on a daily basis. If you have a treadmill or indoor exercise bicycle, begin using these for a few minutes at a time. Gradually build up your ability to exercise by adding a few minutes each day. Seniors can begin yoga indoors. Remember to eat right for energy for these additional activities. 

Venture Outdoors

When warm weather begins, remember to stretch. Begin going for walks. Carry a water bottle with you. Walk in the mornings or evenings to avoid the warmest parts of the day. Carry granola bars for a snack. After your body has acclimated to daily exercise, you can begin riding a bike if you enjoy bike riding. 

Exercising on Wet Days

For days that are slick outdoors, either exercise indoors or purchase non slip surfaces that can be peeled off and applied to the soles of your shoes. Glue sandpaper on the soles for this purpose. Keep a phone with you. Exercise with a friend for safety. This doubles the enjoyment. Another activity that may be enjoyed outdoors when it is slick out is gardening. Seniors can plant seeds or seedlings in pots on their porch. This allows them to enjoy the fresh air in safety. Seniors also get a head start on their garden for the summer. Remember to take breaks and just enjoy the scenery around you. You may spot a deer or a hummingbird unexpectedly during one of these breaks. If so desired, seniors may also purchase a gym membership to enjoy an indoor pool if it’s still too cool to swim outdoors. 

Don’t forget to take a camera for lovely spring pictures. Picnics are still fun, too.